How to Reduce Pollution from Vehicles and Engines

How to Reduce Pollution from Vehicles and Engines?

Global warming, air pollution these are not unknown topics to us. There are a lot of talks and advice how we can stop or reduce the pollution that causing global warming. In the megacities, fresh air or less polluted air is becoming rare day by day.

Even in last year in Beijing, some companies started to sell fresh air in the bag. In New Delhi, global warming hits so hard that in the dry season the whole city goes under the sheet of dirt and soil. At that very moment breathing in New Delhi air is as harmful as smoking three cigarettes in a day.

The pollution in the megacities is mainly happening due to vehicles and industries. Vehicles burn fuel and produce carbon dioxide. This is very poisonous to both human health and body. And personal cars are increasing day by day. So we must try to save our nature.

As we heavily rely on our cars and cannot stop using them, we must use the cars in a way that minimizes the pollution. So you can minimize the pollution by decreasing the amount of fuel burn by our car.

Here are some tips how we reduce pollution of cars

Keep the car engine in a good condition

You just tune up the engine regularly. If the engine is in a bad condition it will burn more fuel. The fuel cost will go up as well as air pollution. The whole car works as a single unit. You need to take care of every part of the car.

If any single parts of the engine are faulty it can harm the engine and in the end, it will end up with a bad engine that emission a lot more than usual.

There are lots of dust in the city nowadays. These dust are very harmful to the car’s body, windshield, and engine. You can use windshield washer fluid to clean the windshield. But I think you should use water instead of washer fluid as it contains ethanol and that is harmful to nature. If the air and dust pollution is very high in your city or area, buy good quality wiper blades that can give you proper cleaning whatever you use to clean the windshield.

Use zero-emissions vehicles

These vehicles are commonly known as hybrid cars. These cars run on electric battery and fuel. Even the hybrid can run on gas also. It can go up to 20 KM per letter inside the city and will run in a battery. It means less fuel consumption. This car designs to be an eco-friendly car.

Drive smart

Consumption of fuel is also depending on how you drive. Try to drive smooth. Do not accelerate too much and do not break all of a sudden. Only break if needed. Do not use AC all the time. It burns a lot of fuel. On the other hand, the air conditioner can pullet the air also.

Park under a shade it will keep your car cool. So you have to use the AC less. Do not sit in your car idle for long period of time. If the car engine remains idle for a long time at first it will consume more gas.

Always try to drive light. Sometimes there are lots of unnecessary things in our car. Get rid of them. Keep your car interior clean.

Use premium fuel

The quality of the fuel that is used in car can also make the car a car environmental friendly. Premium fuel burns less than usual fuel. It helps to increase the mileage as well as the lifetime of the car.

All these advice and tips are for cars. But there are some other things that we can also start doing. We must try to avoid using the car if possible. If public transportation like bus, metro rail is available we must use them instead of cars. One bus can carry 40 people and will use 3 car fuel cost to travel the same distance.

If possible we can walk to distance instead of using our cars. It will save your money. Walking is also a good exercise.

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