With the increasing calls for more sustainability measures, many people have taken to walking or cycling to their various destinations. Though such methods may be useful in the reduction of our carbon footprint, we cannot let go of our cars entirely as we will need them from time to time.

You can have a positive impact on the environment by choosing to drive an environmentally friendly car that runs on hydrogen or electricity or is a hybrid vehicle. Driving an eco-friendly vehicle does not mean that you will have to miss out on modern technology. Most manufacturers pack their eco-friendly cars with tons of features that you can enjoy.

Features of an Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Low Fuel Consumption

Eco-friendly vehicles are designed in such a way that it uses both the engine and battery power to run. Hence, the dependency on fuel is low here. It gives the highest mileage and you can save lots of fuel and money.

Safety Features

Never compromise with the security. However, keeping it in mind the manufacturers of hybrid cars also developed with state of the earth security systems.

Most of the vehicles come with highly engineered eco-friendly engines, anti-baking system, best brake pads, ABS, SRS, EBS, etc.

Moreover, to give you the comforts of driving in snow and winter, the vehicles are equipped with clear windshield, best quality wiper blades, and LED headlights. You will never feel that you are driving a hybrid car; it will give you the entire comfort of a luxury car.

Quiet Driving

Sometimes, we are just looking for some peace, and we are aching to get home. What if I told you that you could get that relaxed atmosphere in your car? With a hybrid vehicle, you have the option to switch to the electric mode which allows the machine to run on battery. In this way, you no longer have to listen to the rumbling of your engine, and you can sit back and enjoy the ride. This feature is especially useful when you have a sleeping child in the car.

eDrive is a Must

When you have been on the road for hours, it is only natural that you will need to recharge your battery. It can be quite frustrating when you do not know where the next recharging station is. For the manufacturers to make it easy for you to get to a recharge point, some eco-friendly vehicles come with an eDrive which guides you to the nearest charging place.

In this way, you can know of all the stations along your way, which will give you peace of mind.

Light Weight

Thanks to the use of recycled materials in the making of green cars, these vehicles are light in weight. However, this low pressure does not affect their stability and neither does it affect their safety. The low weight makes the car move at higher speeds and leads to less energy consumption.

Shift by Wire Technology

Changing of gears can be quite a hassle, but with the introduction of this technology in green cars, this process is much more manageable. This technique also goes a step further in making your vehicle safe. Once you unbuckle your driver’s seat belt, the technology puts the car into park mode immediately.

The car also goes into park mode when you open the driver’s door. This method ensures that the machine does not move when it shouldn’t be and adds on to your safety.

eco city vehiclesHow to Make Your Old Vehicle Eco-Friendly?

Air Conditioning

Having fresh air in the car protects you from being in a stuffy environment and makes your driving experience quite enjoyable. You could always switch to eco-mode to make your air conditioning systems more efficient. This mode not only increases the level of air conditioning in your car but also boosts the usage of the air-con. It is possible to stay in a serene atmosphere while protecting the environment.


It is quite hard to share a ride when the back seats are uncomfortable. For the car makers to make carpooling more comfortable for you so that you can reduce your carbon footprint, eco-friendly cars come with adult-friendly seats. Thanks to this feature, you can share a ride with family, friends, and neighbors in comfort.

Air Filtration

Eco-friendly cars are now coming with air filtration systems that are of medical grade. These filtration systems remove 99% of the impurities in the air, ranging from exhaust fumes to bacteria and other polluting agents in the air. In this way, the air that you breathe as you drive around will be clean, and this will go a long way in protecting you from respiratory diseases.

Other Security Features a Vehicle Should Have

LED Lights

The sharpness of the light they emit may lead you into thinking that they consume a lot of energy. On the contrary, these bulbs are great for energy conservation, and the amazing thing is that the protection does not come at the sacrifice of high-quality lighting.

These lights look amazing, and they emit bright light which can guide you through the darkest of nights. So if you are looking for great looking and sturdy lights, these are the ones for you.

Safety Radars

Accidents are prone to happen, and no matter how good a driver you may be, you could end up involved in one. Luckily, some accidents are preventable and measures have been taken to make driving much safer for green drivers. One such step is the radars installed to alert you should you come too close to the car in front of you. In this way, should you doze off or lose concentration while at the wheel, the radars will keep you in the know.

If you miss the alerts and are about to collide with another vehicle, there are automatic brakes that will come to your rescue.

Rear Safety

Have you been in an accident while you are in the backseat? If you have been in such a situation, then you can attest to the fact that most manufacturers do not put much thought into the safety features of the rear seats. The rear seats have rear safety belts that are inflatable.

The beauty in such inflatable belts is that they distribute the effect of the crash in a more even manner as compared to the traditional seat belts. The straps also provide adequate support for your head and neck and in this way; they reduce the risk of injury. For manufacturers to make matters even better, these belts can be used on children’s vehicle seats to keep your kids safer during travel.

Panoramic Views

Some time ago, people thought that only cars such as guzzlers could have panoramic views. With time though, it is becoming quite common to come across eco-friendly machines with such a feature.


Green driving does not have to come encumbered with old features. With the new technology used in making eco-friendly vehicles, you can comfortably cruise down the road while conserving the environment. It is not often that you get to hit two birds with one stone, is it?